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A geographical Indication is a specification identification of any agricultural product or manufactured goods, originating from a specific territory of a country or a region or a locality, where the natural products are cultivated or goods are manufactured, having a specific quality, reputation or other characteristics .
Registration of a Geographical Indication provides protection against any unauthorized use. It ensures monopoly for the group of manufactures or cultivators who produce the products in that particular geographical territory.
Any association of persons or producers or any organization or authority who represent the interest of the producers of the goods for which the geographical indication is to be extended to may apply. The application must be in writing and must be in such form and manner as is stipulated. The goods must be classified and the application must state the relevant class. The application must also contain a geographical map of the concerned territory. Statements must also be given stating the appearance of the geographical indication (whether words or figurative elements) as well as a list of the producers of the concerned goods.
A producer may register himself as a registered user and obtain the benefits of geographical indication registration. For being registered as a authorized user the producer must make an application in writing in the prescribed form with the prescribed fee.

Term of Registration

The term of registration is valid for 10 years which may be renewed from time to time.

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